Eye Care

Whether you’re looking to book a routine eye test or worried about your vision, our team of eyecare experts are here to ensure that your vision is well looked after. Every single appointment is tailored to your requirements, expect nothing less than personalised eyecare from warm and welcoming professionals.

Eye Examinations

From walking to eating and everything in between, our eyes are crucial to everything we do in life; it’s extremely important that you do whatever you can to look after your eye health and preserve the best vision possible. Our team of highly qualified opticians promise make your eye examination process as easy as possible for you.

We’re constantly researching and investing in the latest equipment and technology to examine our customers eyesight to the highest possible ability. You can visit our clinic feeling 100% assured that your examination results will be reliable, honest and undertaken with the uppermost level of care.

After your eye examination has taken place, our optometrist will talk you through your results, providing recommendations and requirements, based on your examination outcome.

If this is new to you, then please don’t be worried, there’s literally nothing we don’t know about eyes! Not only are regular eye tests vital to detecting common eye problems, but they are often key to identifying other conditions that affect the rest of your body. Book your appointment with our warm and friendly optometrists today, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

OCT (3D Scan)

The introduction of our state-of-the-art OCT Eye Scanner allows our optometrists to detect any signs of eye disease at the earliest possible stage. This 3D scanner allows us to view each individual layer of the retina tissue, which is impossible for our optometrist to view via the naked eye. Your scan results will bring peace of mind that your eyes have been examined to the best possible level.

Can I have an OCT Scan?

Yes! An OCT Scan can be conducted on anyone, at any age. The scan will capture a digital photograph of your eyes, whilst using light to illustrate the layers deep within the back of your eye. These images are then cross-referenced with your eye test results to review any areas of concern.

Our OCT Eye Scan allows us to accurately and painlessly detect numerous eye conditions, such as:

As much as 80% of vision impairment and blindness can be prevented by early detection with an OCT eye scan, available right here at Churchill Optical. Book your scan now.

Childrens Eye Care

Firstly, we completely understand that a test room can feel somewhat daunting for a child. We want to make sure both you and your child’s mind is put at ease when visiting Churchill Optical, so our optometrists have learned and studied a variety of techniques to make sure every child that walks through our door feels as welcome and relaxed as possible.

Strong vision is key to your child’s development and hence, regular eye examinations are vital to a healthy eyesight. We recommend bringing your child for their first eye test at 3 years old, regardless of whether they can read the letters or pictures on the examination chart or not. We can test your child’s eyesight by using simple tests and lights, whilst examining how their eyes respond.

All children are entitled to free glasses from the NHS, and we stock a huge range of fun, child-friendly glasses for your little one to choose from. Repairs and replacements are also provided free of charge by the NHS.

Please note that a parent or guardian must accompany their child whilst undergoing an eye examination.

Please be aware of the following warning signs in children:

Regular eye examinations are fundamental to the care of your eyes, this allows for early detection of cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration whilst maintaining the best health possible for your eyes.


Our continuous investment in cutting edge equipment and training maintains the health of your eyes and clear and comfortable vision.