Contact lenses are a convenient way of enhancing your vision without wearing glasses. Nowadays, Churchill Optics can prescribe easy-to-use, affordable contact lenses to almost everybody that wear glasses. If you are thinking of switching to contact lenses, our friendly specialists will be here for you at every step of your journey, with fantastic before and aftercare advice for continuous comfortable wear.

The process of changing to Contact Lenses couldn’t be any easier! Here’s what to expect:

Switching to contact lenses couldn’t be more simple! Here’s how:

Book an eye test (unless you have a valid optical prescription still within its expiry date, you’re good without!)

Eye Initial Assessment

Undergo a quick assessment with a Churchill Optometrist to ensure your contact lenses are appropriate for your eyes and lifestyle.


Pop back in after a couple of weeks for a quick check up, an opportunity for us to check your coping ok and to discuss any problems.

With Churchill opticians, you can discover how you could join 4.2 million others in the UK who now wear contact lenses.